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Why HFI?

Why HFI?

As a private family office, working with HFI provides a number of key advantages to our management partners including a non-bureaucratic infrastructure, flexible decision making process, and long-term investment horizon. With significant financial resources and liquidity, HFI can often expedite transactions without the need for external financing and can structure investments to meet a wide range of operational or personal requirements.

Our partners, investment professionals, and advisory board members have many years of successful private equity and senior management experience. Over the last 20 years, this team has committed over $3.5 billion to 157 companies in a variety of industries.

Principally utilizing a “buy and build” mindset, our investment approach includes both organic growth as well as selective acquisition strategies. HFI's principals are experienced private equity investors and operators having been involved in a wide range of successful growth businesses across diverse industries. Our patient approach coupled with the HFI team's unique background and experience can assist operating partners with:

  • Refining the business strategy and performance objectives.
  • Identifying, monitoring and improving key performance metrics.
  • Accessing well regarded external resources utilizing our extensive contacts and relationships.
  • Analyzing acquisitions, divestitures and major capital projects.
  • Providing macroeconomic understanding and insight.

Most importantly, HFI executives have a unique appreciation for the challenges of building a business and the benefits of like-minded partners who support and foster those objectives. We believe that by providing outstanding management with resources, aligned incentives and opportunities for growth, our mutual long-term objectives can be achieved. We never forget that our success is fundamentally based on the success of our operating partners and believe that core philosophy should permeate all that we do at HFI.

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